Parachute Music



Our enduring dream has always revolved around community – that’s why we’re developing a bricks-and-mortar meeting point for musicians in New Zealand.

A space like this is invaluable when building community. We anticipate these facilities will give songwriters, musicians and producers an opportunity to meet together, to encourage each other, to collaborate and to receive input and support. As the NZ Music Foundation’s 2016 Wellbeing Survey has shown, the music sector is one rife with isolation and loneliness - that’s a problem community can solve.

After three years of development, our Kingsland HQ is a thriving, open-access hub for Auckland’s music scene. Our six project studios and main studio are regularly filled with a range of musicians, from young, developing artists to established household names. We consider what we are building at Parachute to be a truly community effort, where partnerships with musicians are developed, and there are no barriers to entry. We maintain this accessibility by offering flexible rates to musicians on a budget, often allowing them to pay whatever they can afford rather than a standard hire charge. Our intention is to operate an inspiring space where an emerging musician with a dream can find support, mentoring, holistic care, and an affordable and safe entry point into the industry.
This is a big dream, but we believe it’s vital. In an increasingly independent and isolated industry, musicians need community. They need to know they’re not alone. They need to be bolstered and encouraged, resourced and challenged by one another. 


Project Studio 3.


Main Studio Control Room.

Overview video for the original studio build.


Main Studio/Live Rehearsal Room.


Visitors wall featuring a selection of studio users including Ria Hall, Benny Tipene, Che Fu, Jordan Luck and more.